Invitation | Webinar on Innovation, Invention and Patents

BrainSightAI invites you to the first Masterclass in our web series - Psyked on 7th Aug, 7 pm.

Innovation, Inventions and Patents

You are sure that your invention is going to disrupt the market. Before you start thinking of monetizing this idea and becoming a millionaire here is something to consider. Does your breakthrough qualify as an invention?

Co-founder and CTO of BrainSightAI, Dr. Rimjhim Agarwal shall walk you through the steps for filing and obtaining a patent, how to involve a lawyer and the finances involved. Dr. Rimjhim will decode provisional and non-provisional patents in India and the U.S.

BrainSightAI is a leading health-tech startup where AI and ML powered solutions enable clinicians to make diagnostic, treatment and surgical decisions for neuropsychiatric disorders.

Dr. Rimjhim Agrawal is a PhD graduate from NIMHANS and studied AI's role in advancing psychiatry and neurology.

She has 10+ publications to her name in computational psychiatry and machine learning algorithms studying neuroimaging and dermatoglyphics.