Webinar| ICD, DSM and the RDoC perspective| 28th Aug

BrainSightAI invites you to a Psyked ExpertSpeak on 'Classificatory Systems: Past, Present and Future' with Dr. Abhimanyu Chandak on 28th Aug at 5:30 pm. In this interactive session, our speaker Dr. Chandak shall present his thoughts for 15 minutes followed by a 30 minute discussion.

Classificatory Systems in Psychiatry: Past, Present and Future

ICD-10 and DSM-5 are current gold standards for diagnosing mental health disorders. RDoC, a recently developed research framework, looks to re-examine certain assumptions made by these established diagnostic tools.

Join Dr. Abhimanyu Chandak, consulting psychiatrist at BrainSightAI to understand these different perspectives.

BrainSightAI is a leading health-tech startup where AI and ML powered solutions enable clinicians to make diagnostic, treatment and surgical decisions for neuropsychiatric disorders.

Dr. Abhimanyu finished his MBBS in 2016 from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, KLE University, Belgaum and M.D. in Psychiatry in 2020 from J.S.S Medical College & Hospital, JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research, Mysore.