Welcome to BrainSightAI


It gives me immense pleasure to reach out to you with this inaugural note from us. In the past year you have been instrumental in shaping BrainSightAI’s product development with your feedback and support. It is only fitting that you hear all about where we are in the journey now.

At BrainSightAI, we are pushing the frontiers of neuroscience research for clinical use in neurology and psychiatry. Our foremost goal is to enrich the patient-doctor relationship with deep insights that move beyond symptomatic treatment. Our products are built with the singular objective of supporting your clinical impressions with rich and timely reporting that advances the time to diagnose and improves precision of prognosis.

We have consolidated our products under two lines: VoxelBox and Snowdrop. VoxelBox is our rs-fMRI preprocessing platform that brings ease of access and speed of analysis for clinical use. Our outlook for the next 6 months for VoxelBox is to do extensive outreach with neurologists, neurosurgeons and psychiatrists for co-creating models for most common use-cases. We also continue to work on applying for grants to fund clinical trials. Our BIRAC funded study with MAX Hospital is going live shortly.

Snowdrop is our companion app for patients of mental disorders that seamlessly records biological and behavioral indicators of a patient’s daily disposition. This offers triangulated reports from the patient, the caregiver and the in-built AI modules for the doctor to get an accurate in-between visits view of the patient. It also offers smart reminders and nudges for medical and activity compliance. The app is currently available in beta version on the Google Play Store.

I am also excited by the launch of Psyked by BrainSightAI - our community engagement and on-going education initiative that connects aspiring students, young medicos and seasoned experts through a series of talks and e-conferences. We hope to see you soon on one of these, do let me know if you would like to participate as a speaker in one of the upcoming sessions.

To keep up with developments at BrainSightAI as well as access the best and latest in neuroscience and psychiatry, we are launching a monthly newsletter. We have added you to the circulation list, but if for any reason you would not like access to it, do not hesitate to let me know. The first edition will be sent out on September 1st, 2020.

Our website is now up and constantly updated. Our Twitter handle and LinkedIn page are constantly buzzing with news and activity. We hope you will follow us and we look forward to your continued support in the exciting times ahead.

Yours warmly,

Laina Emmanuel

CEO - BrainSightAI