We've tucked 2020 away and made space in our hearts and minds for 2021. See how.

2020 has been a memorable year for us all and helped us reevaluate our priorities; our health being #1. We are glad that at BSAI we work on pressing mental health and psychiatric research to help patients live a healthier life.

Let us take a look at some milestones and highlights from Dec 2020 together.



We have built a new API interfaced architecture for VoxelBox, our automated rs-fMRI processing pipeline. This is currently being deployed on GE’s EHL platform.


Our pre-surgical planning tool for tumors is being built at present. This tool is further sub-divided into two sections that analyzes the structural and functional dynamics of the tumor.

  1. With respect to the structural dynamics of the tumor, we are building an automated Tumor Demarcation and Segmentation pipeline for Glioma Analysis.

  2. For the Functional dynamics of tumor, we are building an automated pipeline for Eloquent Cortical Mapping using resting-state fMRI for Glioma.

  3. The finishing touches to a white paper on Dementia are currently underway. Keep an eye out for this treasure trove of latest research.

  4. The product team spearheaded a researchathon on another disease and read more than 300 papers! Some binge on TV shows, we binge on research papers. Any guesses on the topic of our next white paper?

  5. On the research front, we are constantly talking to neurologists, radiologists and neurosurgeons for product insights and are incorporating their feedback. We are collating our findings and will share them with you soon.


Kokoro (heart, mind, feelings) is a program for individuals to share their experiences with mental illnesses, learn from cutting-edge research and apply it in their daily lives.

Kokoro 2.0 is designed to coincide with our BIRAC study on Dementia and serve as an offering for patient recruitment. Our aim is to provide valuable skills to the caregiver to manage the patient’s condition and their own needs while sharing data to advance research.

If you or someone you know is a caregiver of a person with Dementia and would like to participate please sign up here and follow our Linkedin page for updates.


Here’s a short recap of all the events we were part of last month. Quite a grand finish to 2020, if we might say so ourselves.

  1. Laina, our CEO was a speaker at the 6th Annual Living Heart Symposium. The symposium is organized by Dassault Systemes 3D Experience Lab in line with their vision to create virtual twins of the human body. The aim is to advance development of treatment and precision patient care in-silico.
    Laina’s presentation was titled Developing and Validating Personalized Digital Human Brain Models for Neuro-psychiatric Disorders where she presented her findings to Steve Levine!

  2. We have been selected to be part of the 2021 cohort of the prestigious P4 Precision Medicine Accelerator Program. This 3 month program will help us prepare for international regulatory approval and adoption, develop our research into world class technology and scale across the globe.

  3. Our first-stage read out with GE Healthcare India Edison Accelerator took place in December. We promise to keep you updated with further developments.

  4. Even though we are a deep-tech company we realized that the reason behind our "why" is best understood by a compelling story. Storywallahs helped us refine our story for the Netapp Accelerator pitch.

Articles we are reading

AWS: A data store for life sciences and healthcare

AWS' VP of AI, Matt Wood unveiled Amazon HealthLake to "store, transform, and analyze health and life science data in the cloud at petabyte scale". As part of Netapp’s accelerator program, BSAI has access to cutting edge architecture supported by AWS.

Personalized Medicine; thanks to a digital twin

Steve Levine, the senior director of virtual human modeling at Dassault Systèmes believes the current time is the best for creating virtual models. He says,

“each day I’m realizing new ways that this technology can really make a difference—especially given these circumstances. It’s top of mind for so many people: how can we be so advanced but feel so helpless.”

At BSAI, we will work together with the 3D Experience Lab to create a virtual brain. See CNBC TV-18’s feature story here!

In the News

Our friends in the media are talking about us (including a German publication!).

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We hope that you are ready for 2021 with renewed vigor and hope!

Let’s catch up next month,

Team BrainSightAI