Updates: BSAI's in the best accelerator programs, our advisor and CTO published an article in Nature, a beautiful medical illustration and white paper on Glioma awaits you. Read on!

We competed with 156 start-ups to be selected for Dassault Systemes accelerator and mentorship program. With access to their 3D experience lab in Pune, we will use BIOVIA and SIMULIA to transform patient care and drug discovery for neuropsychiatric disorders. ExpresshealthcarePharmabizBiospectrumindiaHealthcareradius and Techcircle covered our story!

BrainSightAI won a spot in the swish second cohort of the GE India Edison Accelerator Program. The 6 month long engagement will enable us to build our product within the GE healthcare ecosystem and deploy our algorithms on the GE Edison Box. We're currently in the first phase of deployment which is likely to conclude by Dec 31st.

We're proud to qualify for the 6th cohort of the NetApp Accelerator program for companies working on cutting edge deep tech solutions. The program helps us build edge computing solutions for hospitals. YourStory spoke about us here.

BrainSightAI won the 2nd prize in the IKP digital health category!

We have been selected for the regional round of the National Bio Entrepreneur Competition (NBEC). An initiative by BIRAC and C-CAMP, the annual NBEC is designed to encourage bio-entrepreneurs working on solutions for social impact.

We made it to the second round of the SASACT competition under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to develop technological solutions for the post-Covid era.

Publication Alert! 

BSAI advisor and CTO developed a ML algorithm that predicts schizotypy in relatives of patients with Schizophrenia

Dr. Sunil Kalmady, our advisor and BSAI CTO, Dr. Rimjhim Agrawal et al. developed a ML algorithm that predicts schizotypy in first degree relatives of patients with schizophrenia was published recently in Nature. You may access the article here.

Product Updates

At BrainSightAI our aim is to transform clinical practice for brain disorders, by bringing a new generation of research backed tools to inform their diagnosis and treatment. 


Our VoxelBox infrastructure allows us to build next-generation neuro-imaging apps that address key clinical problems in neuro-surgery, neurology and psychiatry. Specifically, it allows for integrating resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging (rs-fMRI),  an indispensable tool in neuroscience research; with structural architecture of the brain, and question it using AI and 3D simulation. This helps in shifting the  paradigm towards integrative disease modeling and neuroimaging biomarker-guided precision medicine for several diseases by extracting appropriate functional signals from the brain.

VoxelBox includes a fully automated preprocessing tool that generates spatial and temporal indications within 2 hours. This takes care of 9 types of noise reduction over 19 steps including motion correction, detrending and  normalization. We have standardized the processing to get consistent results. 

VoxelBox+ apps

VoxelBox+ apps are our AI and 3D visualization based value-added apps. The apps are used to generate investigative reports for faster confirmation of clinical impressions and decision support for treatment planning. Voxelbox+ is also being deployed on GE Edison boxes. We’re exploring use-cases in following  domains. 

  • Neurosurgery - Resting state fMRI has great potential in improving pre-surgical planning, especially for patients who are comatose or paralyzed or cognitively challenged, and for whom task-based fMRI is not possible. We just wrote a white paper on different use-cases of Glioma! Have a look here

Our first VoxelBoxPlus app for neurosurgeons is for eloquent cortex mapping using resting-state fMRI. This helps in mapping areas of  language, motor and vision for achieving maximal resection of tumour with minimal functional loss.

  • Neurology: We have prepared the model to capture Resting-state network dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease, Mild cognitive impairment and frontotemporal dementia. This is being optimized with Max hospital in Delhi. 

At BSAI, each one of us read research articles for pleasure. And so, in our individual capacities we are working on our theories on Dementia and applying for the Oskar Fisher Prize. Cool, right?


Snowdrop is a mobile application that triangulates patient, caregiver and MHP inputs and uses elements of gamification to increase compliance and improve mental health outcomes. When combined with neuro-imaging data, it can help in gaining a new understanding of brain disorders.

Although our work on Snowdrop is on pause at present, we are working with Professor Dilipchandra S to build a solution that engages with individuals before they think about approaching a MHP. 

Building the market for rs-fMRI

Partnership building

Driving the adoption of rs-fmri, we spoke to over 100 neurologists and neurosurgeons about our offerings. We are elated by the interest for our services.


At BSAI, we are creating a community of citizen scientists. To this end, we designed Kokoro (heart, mind, feelings) as a program for individuals to share their experiences with mental illnesses, while we help bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and lived experience. The lived experiences are central to our product decisions; the community is critical to our larger goal of translating cutting-edge research into actual practice. 

We concluded our first cohort of Kokoro, for people who have experienced anxiety and depression. Through the program, we discussed mental health stigma, cutting edge mental health research frameworks such as RDoC and coping strategies. The positive response from the participants has filled us with enthusiasm for Kokoro 2.0.

Kokoro 2.0 is designed to coincide with our BIRAC study on Dementia and serve as an offering for patient recruitment. Our aim is to provide valuable skills to the caregiver to manage the patient’s condition and their own needs while sharing data to advance research in Dementia. If you or someone you know is a caregiver of a person with Dementia and would like to participate please send an email to

Medical Illustration

Many of us do not understand how rs-fMRI and fMRIs can improve diagnosis of neuropsychiatric disorders. We decided to make fMRIs more accessible to non-medical folks through art. The very talented illustrator, Neeti Banerji breathed life into our vision and designed a fMRI zine. Here is a sneak peak! 

From our esteemed advisors...

Our advisor, Dinesh Shenoy has over 15 years of experience in advising companies focused on rapid growth, technology and BD. He has joined the product team at Filecoin, building next-generation distributed storage solutions. 


We are looking for bright talent!

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Team bonding

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